Our Teamwork Spaces product team have been busy developing new and improved features since our previous features roundup in June.  Here’s what we’ve rolled out to all Teamwork Spaces users over the past few months:

1. Starred Spaces

We’ve got stars in our eyes. Oh wait, sorry — those are Starred Spaces.  With Starred Spaces, you can make it easier to quickly access your most frequently used spaces, and jump to them right from your dashboard.


2. Required Reading Changes

Just when you thought Required Reading couldn’t get any better! You’ll now get an email notification, highlighting any changes that have been made to a page that’s marked as Required Reading. This makes it much easier to stay up to date with important content effortlessly.

3. Required Reading assignment

Editors can now choose which members of a Space should have a page assigned to them as Required Reading. This is available from the page toolbar in read mode, making it easier than ever to access.


4. Search highlights

Looking for something in particular within your space library? Search highlights help you find information quickly, even when you’re not sure of the Space title. You can now search your Space content for search terms. 

5. Move page functionality

You can now move pages — not only within the same Space but to other Spaces too (if you have edit permission in the desired Space). This option is available from the page options menu (the  button) in the top right of the page in read mode.


6. Editor toolbar

We’ve made some improvements to the look and feel of our editor toolbar — a fresh coat of paint and some additional breathing space. The options for text formatting have also been extended to include subscript, superscript, code and clear formatting.

Now you can make your pages even more beautiful by adding a gallery of images. Click on any image in the gallery to expand it out — from here you can download the image or use the arrows to easily cycle through the other images in the gallery.


8. Image manipulation

You now have a lot more control over any new images added to your pages. We’ve made the new resizing handles nicer to use, and we’ve added the ability to choose between aligning your image centre or left, or wrapping your image left or right to allow text to surround the image. You can also now add a caption to your image. This will give you more ways to be creative with how you present images in your pages.

9. Page Mentions

One of our personal favourites is page mentions – you can now @mention anyone on a page to draw there attention to a piece of information or let them know if there is something they need to action, making Teamwork Spaces much more collaborative and efficient in the way you interact with the rest of your team.


We’ll also be introducing some much anticipated features such as Page Version History, Page Tags & Trash Can really soon. If you haven’t already started your 30 day free trial of Teamwork Spaces, sign up here or check out our demo.