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Onboard your clients quicker with our client onboarding checklist template.

New client onboarding checklist template

Make onboarding a new client a breeze. Use our new client onboarding template to give every new client the VIP treatment — and a great first impression.

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Give new clients and excellent first impression with our new client onboarding checklist template.

Onboard new clients with our template

So you’ve just won a new client (yay!) — now what?

Start your client relationship the right the way by providing a thorough, professional and friendly new client onboarding experience.

Ensure that every new client gets the VIP treatment and attention they deserve by using our new client onboarding checklist to help your team get things off to the right start.

Using our client onboarding template, you can give new clients a great first impression of your agency, build stronger client relationships from the get-go, and provide winning client experiences that make them want to come back again and again.

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How to use our new customer onboarding checklist

Make every new client feel like your most important client. With our new client onboarding template, you can create tailored onboarding experiences that give you a strong foundation to work from and help new clients feel confident that your agency was the right choice.

Here are 3 benefits of using an onboarding template for new clients:

  • Better client relationships.

    Use our new client onboarding template to capture details about your client’s workflows and preferences so you can tailor how you work together.

  • Never miss a step.

    From initial intro calls with relevant team members to regular monthly check ins, having a scheduled checklist for onboarding a new client means that you’re always one step ahead and can anticipate their needs.

  • Improve your efficiency.

    Quickly see where each client is in the onboarding process, what’s left to be done, and which team members still have bandwidth to take on new clients — so you can keep growing your business.

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Deliver a better client onboarding experience with our template

Start using our new client onboarding template for better client relationships from day one.

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