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Meeting agenda template

Every successful meeting needs a clear agenda. Use a meeting agenda template to confidently plan, prompt, and take action.

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Meeting agenda template

The easy way to drive value from every meeting

How many pointless meetings have you had in the past few months? If it’s more than zero, you need to switch things up. And if you struggle to capture the key discussion points in a meeting, forget who said what, and leave feeling even more confused than you were at the start, it's time to use a meeting agenda template.

Our meeting agenda template lets you divide up your meeting tasks into categories and list out action points, discussion items, and topics you need to revisit later down the line. Everything is stored in one central place - no more endless email threads or questions from confused team members.

Knowing what questions to ask, which team members are integral to the meeting, and how to move forward with any action points is critical to the success of a meeting. Without this information, you’ll end up with a notebook full of quickly jotted down ideas and no momentum.

Keep everyone in the loop and make your meetings as valuable as possible with a premade template that maps out everything you need to host an efficient meeting.

Try our meeting agenda template
Why our meeting agenda template works better

Why our meeting agenda template works better

  • Get an overview of key talking points

    List out all the discussion points you need to cover in a meeting and add notes as you go. Create tasks around talking points to drive action as soon as the meeting is over.

  • Assign tasks to relevant team members

    Share next steps with team members. Assign discussion points to relevant team members, add deadlines, and include any notes or accompanying documents.

  • Share the goal of each meeting

    Say goodbye to pointless meetings by giving each one a purpose. Set goals and talking points and clearly communicate what you want to get out of the meeting. Add topics, desired results, and a meeting structure.

  • Strengthen collaboration

    Whether it’s an internal team or outside collaborators, it’s easy to invite other users to join you in your meeting agendas. Ensure everyone working on a project knows what the meeting is about and whether they need to prepare anything for it.

Try our meeting agenda template

Make the most of your time with our meeting agenda template

Plan key talking points and assign actionable tasks to drive momentum after your meetings.

Try our meeting agenda template

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