• Teamwork ProjectsGet Work Done, TogetherEvery task involving your business in one place. The most powerful and simple way to collaborate with your team to get work done. Learn more
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  • Teamwork DeskHelpdesk, Designed to Deliver HappinessRunning your customer support desk shouldn’t be a hassle. Teamwork Desk makes it easy for your team to deal with even the most complex customer enquiries.Learn more
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  • Teamwork ChatChat, Built For Better TeamworkThe essence of a good team is how well members communicate to reach a goal. Teamwork Chat Beta allows you to keep each team member in the know.Learn more
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Here’s what they have to say about our products

  • Paul Thornton

    I recently chose Teamwork Projects to be our cloud project management system, and let me tell you this was no easy task picking a service. I didn't realize how many systems were out there, I must have looked at over 50 of them, and actually did the demo or free trials on more than 10 of them.

    Our new website business bringing all the worlds best personal development teachers into one site needed a system that could collaborate with our team that is spread out geographically, we needed some strong project management features, we needed a strong task management system, and we needed to handle unlimited users and multiple projects, and we needed to have some strong permission sets on client users, good reporting features, and all in a straightforward and user friendly system.

    Teamwork Projects was the ONLY one that met all these requirements for us. Not Basecamp, Zoho, Teambox, Deskaway, Proworkflow, 5pm, Taskpoint, Intervals, Wrike, Feng office, GoPlan, Smartsheet, Gantter, Comind, Manymoon, Glasscubes, Autotask, Project Insight, Mavenlink, and more…

    There were some others that did meet our needs, but they were much more intensive and would have been too hard for our client base to learn to use, like @Task, Clarizen, Tenrox, Liquidplanner (these were also quite a bit more expensive as well). Through all of this research, Teamwork Projects rose to the top, and since implementing it we are back on schedule to get our website launched this February.

    And I love the roadmap, the openness of the company to share exactly what they are working on – shows they are on it! Other companies hide this, and some don't even show their pricing, they make you call them – forget that!

    I am mostly writing this review, because I wish I had found a review like this in my searches, it would have saved me days and days of researching all these other products, so I hope this can help others save time in their search.

    Paul Thornton

  • Bret Wiener

    I'm a veteran software developer, and I know how rare it is that someone calls or e-mails just to say that you're doing a good job. Which is why I feel an especially strong urge to do just that. You guys keep rolling out amazing upgrades (subtasks...THE BEST YET!), and the system just flat works great every day. It's truly one of the best SaaS apps I've ever seen. Thank you!!

    Bret Wiener
    Managing Director Capital Brands

  • Sam Smithson

    I set-up Teamwork Projects for RAPP here in the UK for our offices spread across 4 different locations around England and Scotland. It's a pleasure to work with the system and we now have over 60+ team members using the system and more than 20+ projects. The main thing is that the system doesn't get in the way and lets you get on with the important elements - the business.

    Sam Smithson
    Digital Director www.uk.rapp.com

  • Andreas Schimmelpfennig

    I'm really impressed how fast and motivated you guys are!

    You're doing really a great work on this software and everyone I show it is impressed by the simplicity of Teamwork.com.

    Andreas Schimmelpfennig
    Elastique. We design.

  • Hanley Leung

    Been trying about 20 different PM softwares the last few weeks. This is finally the product for us!

    We love it!! thanks for creating this!

    Hanley Leung
    Lead Producer R2 Digital