Keep your clients at the heart of all operations

The go-to spot to manage your clients and get oversight across all of their projects.

Understand the state-of-play across all projects linked to a client

See rolled up project totals of the most important metrics to understand the big picture, all under one roof.

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Spot the trends

Have a high level overview for the client so you know if things generally are tracking up (or down) at a moment’s glance.

Save time

No more cobbling together metrics from separate projects manually —totals across all projects are automatically calculated.

Take note

Jot down ad-hoc notes at the client-level so one-off callouts (like next meeting date or agenda items) are always documented.

Deep dive "must have" metrics for healthy and profitable projects

Pinpoint action items and make proactive adjustments to keep client projects and relationships trending in the right direction

  • Profit and budget

    Keep track of all projects profitability and how much of the budget has been used to foresee budgeting issues before they arise.

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