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Offload the repetitive and manual work.

Streamline projects with Automations and get your time back to focus on strategic and creative work.

Reduce the manual work and deliver your projects more efficiently

  • Automate your repetitive processes and improve team productivity by minimizing tedious and time-consuming tasks.

  • Choose from a gallery of existing automation templates to streamline your most common manual work.

  • Build your own customized workflows to address the most frequent bottlenecks you encounter.

Create your own unique workflows


Event-based triggers

Set up a trigger based on a specific event, like when a task’s owner changes.

Time-based triggers

Use a task's start date, due date, or a changed date as a trigger for an action, like sending a notification to your team.

Custom Automations

Choose your own combination of triggers and actions to create automations tailored to your own needs.

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