Ensure healthy utilization while having long-term visibility

Manage your team effectively, from long-term forecasting to day-to-day capacity planning, and report on everything.

Understand all your time data in relation to team capacity in one view

Have a centralized view of estimated, available, logged, and allocated time to instantly visualize how you’re resourced in the short and long term.

Efficiency indicator

Know realistically what your team is capable of based on how fast, or slow, they get through planned work.

Know where to take action

Understand who can (or can't) take on that new task, and when you might need to bring on extra staff.

Plan for success

Know if your time estimates are accurate. Plan future work with more precision and ensure a healthy pace.

Resourcing matters. Teamwork makes tracking it easy.

Get all the tools and reports you need in the easy-to-use platform actually built for client work.

We're focused on proactive management of people's schedules, and the planning tools allow us to fill in weekly tasks based on remaining capacity and balance that among the team.

Hannah Taylor

Director of Digital Operations, Interactive Strategies

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