See everything so you can make data-based decisions

Increase productivity and profitability all while being the most knowledgeable person on your team.

Stay on top of every project

Use the Project Health Report to get a snapshot view across all of your projects and manage their progress based on individual health status.

Take a pulse check

See key factors like time left, remaining budget, task completion percentage, and more all in one place.

Prioritize like a pro

Re-allocate resources, adjust timelines, or change statuses to maximize resources and profits.

Deliver flawlessly

Take action based on real project progress, and still wrap up on time and on budget.

Analyze and evaluate your work with all the real-time data you need

Surface valuable insights that help you measure and take action to see your project to success.

Get a reality check with the Planned vs Actual Report

Do your estimates stack up with what your team is actually doing? See how tasks and milestones are progressing compared to how they were originally scoped, so you can better plan your work.

Do proper capacity planning with the Utilization Report

Easily check how your team's time is currently being distributed based on their estimated and actual utilization, so that no one is overworked or under-used.

Stay on target with the Time Report

Not sure if your team is meeting your ideal billable/ non-billable hours ratio? Make on-the-go project adjustments and ensure you’re spending the right time on the right client.

Profitability Reporting takes the guesswork out of profitability tracking

See financial performance by project or team member and compare it against the budget for that client. This helps you set better project rates, hire smartly, and pivot quickly.

Create the right report for any occasion with Custom Reports

Rearrange your data based on project, user, task, or milestone to show what you need to know. Go as granular or as high level as you need, focusing on data that's important to your business.

Schedule recurring reports so stakeholders always know what’s going on

Scheduled Reports surface information in a fast, clear, and repeatable way so you can focus on work that actually moves the needle.

Automate delivery

Keep clients, leaders, and teammates in the loop through reports sent straight to their inboxes.

Set it and forget it

Configure the date, frequency, format, and recipients and your reports will automatically be sent out accordingly.

Get time back

Get back some breathing room in your day, saving you precious time and the hassle of repetitive tasks.

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