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Lists: See all tasks to get an overview of your team’s work. Choose your level of information with collapsible projects and subtasks.

Kanban Boards: Visualize your progress, map out your workflow, quickly see the status of tasks, and automate your processes.

Tables: Build, view, and manage your projects quickly and easily, with just one click to add and edit tasks.

Gantt Charts: Visualize your project’s timeline. Quickly see what's due and when to keep your projects running on track.

My Work: View all of your own tasks, milestones, and events in one place. Sort and filter to customize, so you can see exactly what you need to do and by when.

Clients: Understand the state-of-play across all projects linked to a client. See aggregate project totals of important metrics and pinpoint action items to keep projects and relationships on track.

Everything: View all tasks, milestones, messages, files, and more across your projects. See what has been done—and what needs to be done—across all of your projects.


Track every detail so nothing slips through the cracks

Tasks and Subtasks

Create, edit, and assign the individual pieces of work you need to deliver. Further break down your work into smaller pieces for even more granular detail.

Custom Fields

Track, manage, and filter information that’s unique to your business needs using project and task custom fields.


Group everything into specific categories with tags, and filter to quickly find the exact information you need.

Files and Versioning

Keep all your important files in one place and add updated versions to ensure clear visibility of progress.


Get visibility into performance and stay on track

Project Health: Get a snapshot view across all of your projects and manage their progress based on individual health status.

Planned vs. Actual: See how tasks and milestones are progressing compared to their original scope, to better plan your work.

Utilization: Check how your team's time is currently being distributed, so that no one is overworked or under-used.

Time: Outline the split of billable and non-billable time to achieve your ideal time targets. Spend the right time on the right client.

Profitability: Get a real-time view of your financial performance for each project and by client, and track against your budget.

Custom: Create the right report for any occasion. Rearrange your data based on project, user, task, or milestone.

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