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Task management template

No matter what you’re working on, keep your tasks moving and get more done with our task list template in Teamwork.

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When you’re trying to keep work moving across multiple projects, it can be hard to keep track of every single thing that needs to get done. But when tasks fall through the cracks, projects can quickly get derailed, leading to frustrated stakeholders and disappointed clients.

No matter what sort of projects you’re working on, our task management template lets you follow each to do from beginning to end, so you never lose sight of the work that’s important.

Using a task management template, you can create a daily task list template for work and manage tasks with ease.

Task templates also allow you to automate manual admin so you can save time and improve your workflows, cutting down the time-consuming manual work of task management so you can focus on the tasks themselves.

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3 reasons you should use a task list template to manage tasks

Trying to keep track of every task on your growing task list can become a full-time job in itself. With a task management template, you can keep all of your project tasks and daily task lists in one place, allowing you to cut through the noise and focus on the work that matters.

Here are three big benefits of using a task management template to manage your tasks.

  • Increased accountability

    With a task management template, you can quickly and easily see who’s responsible for each task so there’s no confusion around who’s doing what.

  • Better visbility

    See your own task workload at a glance, or better manage your team’s resources. Use Boards to visually represent your task lists so you can immediately see what needs to be done, ensure no one is overloaded with tasks, and avoid any potential blockers before they become problems.

  • Improved efficiency

    From recurring tasks to reminders to triggers that handle the repetitive admin, using a task management template allows you to make your workflow work for you.

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Take control of your task lists, track your project tasks from beginning to end, and make task management a breeze with our template.

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