Weekly to-do list template

Super simple task management at your fingertips

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as ticking off to-dos on what can feel like a never-ending list. But this simple task becomes a burden when you have multiple lists and various places to manage them.

When everything’s swirling around in your head with nowhere to go, it’s hard to remember, let alone prioritize, the things you need to work on in that moment. Whether it’s updating your timesheet, emailing a new client, or scheduling your next project meeting, you need a workable list to get through your tasks.

If you can’t see the wood from the trees, it’s easy to miss tasks or let things fall through the gaps. This can lead to unhappy stakeholders and delayed projects, which is really not ideal. Keep track of your to-dos with a weekly to-do list template.

Store every task in one easy-to-access place where you can check and monitor your progress in one quick glance. You can then get a visual overview of what’s done and what still needs to be done, helping you map out your progress and identify which tasks need to be completed next.

Why our weekly to-do list template works better

  • Get started straight away

    Kick procrastination to the curb and get set up straight away. Our customizable to-do list template lets you dig in and start planning without having to start from scratch.

  • Prioritize tasks

    The drag-and-drop function lets you move tasks around and prioritize them in order of importance. You can also assign team members and stakeholders to tasks with deadlines so everyone’s on the same page.

  • Create a personalized workflow

    We know that everyone works in different ways. What's best for you might not work for someone else, which is why our to-do list template is totally
    flexible and allows you to add your own personal touch.

  • Get automated reminders

    Never forget a task or miss a deadline again with automated messages that let you know when a deadline is coming up.

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