Invoice tracker template

The easy way to monitor your accounts and important payments

Monitoring your invoices can turn into what feels like a full-time job if you don’t stay on top of it. Fall behind, and you end up missing payments, losing track of who owes what, and forgetting when major invoices are due.

All of a sudden you’re missing money, working on duplicate invoices, or unsure when the last time you were paid. The last thing you want to do, whether you're sending or receiving invoices, is to lose track.

Keeping a detailed report of your invoices means you know exactly what you’re owed and when. An invoice tracking template can help you stay up-to-date on payment dates, customer names, any outstanding amounts, and what’s been paid already.

Keep all your invoices and accompanying payment information stored in one central place so your entire team can stay in the loop and access it at any time (or choose who you want to be involved with).

Why our invoice tracker template works better

  • Group invoices together
    Segment invoices by month so you can track monthly revenue, or group them by client and project to make sure you have everything you need all in one place.

  • Assign invoices to relevant stakeholders
    Give team members or clients an insider look at their invoice status. You can assign team members to monitor and manage different invoices while keeping an eye on which clients owe what.

  • Track the status of each invoice
    Stay on top of payments by tracking each invoice. Quickly see how much is owed, who owes it, and when the invoice is due.

  • Get a quick overview
    Enjoy a top-level view of your invoices in the same place. Check when each payment is due and which invoices are still outstanding – all from the same dashboard.

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