Agency Time Management Report


Behind every successful and profitable agency is a clear understanding of how and where their time is being spent.

We analyzed data from over 3,600 agencies to uncover the latest trends and key learnings on time management. In this report you will find out:

  • What types of agencies are logging the most time and when

  • If agencies are overestimating or underestimating the time it takes for tasks to be completed

  • How agencies are measuring up against the ideal 70:30 billable to non-billable time ratio

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Why we collected this data

Put simply, if you want a productive and profitable agency, you need to understand how and where your time is being spent.

That’s why we’ve taken a deep dive into time management trends and insights, gleaned from the thousands of successful agencies we work with. Our report analyzes data from over 3,600 agencies across a range of industries, including marketing, web development, and creative.


Key insights from our report

61% of tasks are over-estimated: Some 61% of tasks are overestimated by agencies which could be hindering your agency’s ability to plan projects accurately.

2/3 of agencies are logging time: Only ⅔ of agencies are logging time meaning you could be missing out on valuable information that can affect your agency's bottom line.

Billable vs non billable time: 71% of agencies are at the ideal billable to non-billable time ratio of 70:30 but creative agencies are falling behind.

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