The ONLY 5 Things Agency Owners Should Be Doing w/ Jason Swenk

Your life as an agency owner is crazy–you’re hiring (and probably firing), doing business development, meeting with clients, preparing pitch decks, trying to lead your team and a million other things. 

But, did you know there are only 5 things you should be spending your time on–if you want to successfully scale or sell your agency?

Jason Swenk is the Founder of Agency Mastery 360, whose system has helped over 10,000 agencies successfully scale.  Jason's had successful agency exits & is now a repeat author, plus the host of The Smart Agency Podcast.

After looking under the hood of thousands of agencies, he’s recognized 2 distinct patterns: the operational metrics you need to hit if you want to sell your agency and the only 5 things you should be doing as the owner to make your agency scalable and sellable.

In today’s conversation you’ll hear Jason explain:

  • Why most agencies aren’t charging enough (& how to successfully raise your prices)

  • The 4 metrics he evaluates when considering to buy an agency

  • The 5 things that should demand 100% of your focus as an agency owner

Resources Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

An Agency’s Guide to Measuring And Improving Billable Utilization (Ebook)

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