Agency Billable Utilization Ebook

Billable utilization is one of the most critical pillars of agency profitability, yet it is often misinterpreted, misunderstood, or overlooked completely. That’s why we’ve taken a deep-dive into agency utilization trends and insights, gleaned from an independent survey with over 500 owners just like you.

Our ebook will give you insights into:

  • What is billable utilization and how to measure it

  • Billable utilization benchmarks and targets – how do you stack up?

  • Advice from agency owners on how to effectively track and measure billable utilization

  • And much more

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Key takeaways

Encouraging time-tracking: Ensure time-tracking isn't seen as a punishment but as a tool to help balance workloads

Tracking billable vs. non-billable time: Without this critical metric, it’s difficult for agency leaders to quantify if an employee is earning their keep and to ensure the agency is meeting its profitability targets

Reaching billable vs. non-billable targets: Only 18% of agencies always reach the billable vs. non-billable targets they set internally