3 Keys to Building and Agency Thats Lasts w/ Matt Heinz

Just because you're a good baker, doesn't mean you can run a successful bakery.

It's the same for agency life.

You may be great at content marketing, branding, website development or building custom software, but none of that means you'll be great at all the things required to run an agency that delivers those services.

It also doesn't mean you'll enjoy all the necessary elements of running an agency either.

Maybe you've felt this typical pain that's described in The E Myth by Michael Gerber,  must-read for every entrepreneur and agency owner.

Matt Heinz, Founder & President of Heinz Marketing, has felt these realities in the nearly 15 years, he spent building and maintaining his agency, which employs about 20 people today.

In this episode, Matt shares the role EOS, the Entrepreneurial Operating System, has played in helping him scale beyond himself as an individual consultant about 15 years back.
You'll hear from Matt, the 3 things that have been critical to the journey of longevity for his agency:

  • 1. How to define a purpose for the business (that's beyond how much money you want to make)

  • 2. How to recognize your working genius and hire for the parts that you can't master (or don't want to)

  • 3. How to document your plan of action and put it into a system that's actually visible to the whole team.

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