Find out how web development and digital marketing agency Page One Web Solutions has improved time management and increased profitability over the last three years of being Teamwork Projects users.

“Teamwork Projects has dramatically increased our internal efficiency, and I’m happy to say that this has resulted in a much more accurate quoting process and ultimately, more profits.”

Page One Web Solutions in Portland, Maine (USA) has been in business for 11 years, providing web development and digital marketing services. Since its founding in 2006, Page One has been a leading presence in internet marketing, web design and marketing analytics, helping new businesses launch and making sure established businesses achieve significant growth.

“Being able to accurately track our time internally is always a challenge, and it ends up impacting how we bid on projects, what sort of margins we can obtain on projects, etc.”

Three years ago, Page One Web Solutions CEO Patrick Sullivan was struggling to find a new project management solution for his team. At that time, Basecamp was handling some aspects of their work, but one crucial component  time tracking  was seriously lacking. Without the ability to measure how much time individual tasks required in Basecamp, Patrick’s team felt like deadlines, project estimates and profits were difficult to forecast. In attempt to collect the data they needed they used multiple apps, but every solution they pieced together was cumbersome or incomplete.

Even though Patrick knew Page One needed to find an alternative to Basecamp, he was reluctant to make a switch because of concern about the loss of productivity that accompanies implementing new software. However, Teamwork Projects‘ intuitive design allowed his entire team to rapidly gain proficiency with the software, which meant they experienced very little slowdown — and a great ROI.

“I really liked the UI plus all of the features in Teamwork Projects that I didn’t have in Basecamp. Nothing against Basecamp, it’s a good tool… but we just felt that Teamwork Projects was superior after taking it for a test drive.”

As soon as Patrick’s team started using Teamwork Projects, he knew they had found an excellent solution for the limitations experienced with Basecamp. Not only could his team track time on specific tasks, they could do it without turning to one app for individual team members to track time, another to analyze where time was spent on subtasks within the project, and yet another app to coordinate this data with billing.  

“I knew Teamwork Projects was the correct tool for us when I saw that it seamlessly integrated time tracking with tasks — honestly, that was the biggest feature that sold me. Previously we had to cobble together multiple tools, which was an administrative headache.”

Having a full-featured, all-in-one project management tool with detailed time tracking ability eliminates guesswork for Page One Web Solutions as they build proposals for new clients and meet intermediate deadlines throughout a project. In-depth data on specific tasks lets them set accurate billing standards, precise time tracking helps them meet their deadlines and efficient workflows allow them to stay profitable.

“Since we started using Teamwork Projects, we’ve seen increased profits on projects, mainly due to this software offering a very easy way to accurately track time on specific tasks.”

Keeping clients informed about their projects using Teamwork has also been a positive for the Page One team. Permissions can be adjusted for each user, allowing the team to customize clients access to certain documents, tasks, messages, notebooks and various other project components. As an added bonus, clients find Teamwork Projects very intuitive, and typically only need a 10-15 minute tutorial to get started.

“We invite our clients to join Teamwork Projects and use the tool just as we do, albeit they don’t have access to all the project areas that our team does. Some folks groan about having to learn yet another new software at the beginning, but once they realize how easy it is to use, they end up loving it just like we do.”

For the past 3 years, Page One has been extremely pleased with Teamwork Projects‘ features and the impact that these have had on their bottom line. One thing that continues to impress Patrick is Teamwork’s attention to customer comments and their feedback-driven approach to software development.

“The team listens to constructive feedback, and have actually implemented some of our feature requests over the last couple of years. We’re extremely impressed. If you’re considering using Teamwork Projects — give the software a test drive — you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!”