Get automatic updates in Status Hero as your team completes their tasks in Teamwork Projects. Keep everyone even more connected with your team’s daily goals, activity, and updates. The new integration between Status Hero and Teamwork Projects allows you to stay up to date in real time with your team’s progress through their workload. Each team member’s task updates in Teamwork Projects will automatically be seen in the Status Hero activity stream, allowing you to cut through the noise and connect to the information that matters. As well as this, activity completed in Teamwork Projects will show up alongside each team member’s check-ins.

  1. First, you will need a Status Hero account which you can set up here 

  2. Go to the Status Hero integrations directory  and select Teamwork Projects

  3. Here, enter your Teamwork Projects site name (example: and hit Save. Copy the URL listed under Endpoint URL

  4. Log in to Teamwork Projects, go to Settings and select Webhooks

  5. Make sure webhooks are enabled and then click Add Webhook. In the Webhook Event

    drop-down select one of the following options:





  6. In the Endpoint URL field, paste the URL you copied from Status Hero and click Add Webhook. Repeat this process for each of the activities that you want to have automatically included in Status Hero.

Now you’re all set up and ready to go! As your team creates, updates, completes, and deletes tasks in Teamwork Projects, you will be automatically updated on the Status Hero activity stream and alongside team member’s check-ins! Status Hero built this integration using the Teamwork Projects API. Both our support team and the Status Hero support team are on hand for any questions you have about this integration. If you have an integration request or are interested in building an integration with Teamwork Projects, please drop us an email on We’re always looking to grow our list of integration partners!