Save hours every week on logging visual website bugs with the new Teamwork and integration. This new integration simplifies the reporting process so you can log visual bug reports in Teamwork Projects without ever leaving your website.

Reporting clear, actionable website bugs for the development team to reproduce and fix can be both tedious and time-consuming — especially when you’re being thorough and precise. With so many steps involved between finding, screenshotting, annotating and reporting visual bugs, you can spend more time logging bugs than you do hunting them down. 

Just to make it even more complicated, add client feedback into the mix. With staggered screenshots and out of context feedback coming into the team through different email threads, it’s difficult to get a clear and concise view of what changes need to be made, and where. But without a clear and concise process, you can end up with bugs going unreported or not enough contextual information being given to the team. And when this happens, standards can slip.

The new Teamwork and integration can save both your team and your clients hours every week on logging visual website bugs. With this new integration, you can seamlessly report visual bugs and feedback in Teamwork without ever leaving your website. It’s the perfect tool for QA Testers, Designers, Digital Agencies, Product Managers and Developers to quickly and easily send actionable feedback and report bugs to the website team.

Once you’ve installed the feedback extension, go to the website page you’re reviewing and click on the extension in your browser to get started. Simply capture your screen, add visual annotations and report the issue in Teamwork — all from within your website. New bug reports created using are automatically created as new tasks inside your chosen project and task list in Teamwork.

If you need to add more information to your bug report, just click view all fields, where you can add bug report templates to get more in-depth details like a summary, steps to reproduce, expected results, and actual results. You can also assign tasks, add tags, set the priority, add a start and due date, add followers, give an estimated time to complete the task, add it to a parent task, and set the privacy. What’s really cool is that once you create a task from, it automatically adds environment data like the browser, screen size, OS, and zoom level so developers don’t need to follow up with the reporter for important information. 

Clients can also report feedback inside Teamwork Projects even if they don’t have access to your Teamwork Projects site by using Guest access in This means you can invite Guests to a specific destination. For instance, you can setup a Client Feedback task list in your website project so they can log bugs in there directly from You can forget about needing to track client feedback from your inbox — simply open Teamwork Projects and you’ll find a list of actionable bug reports from your client.

“With the Teamwork integration for, our testers can rapidly log and annotate issues without having to fumble around with copying and pasting image links. On top of that, our developers get the full picture on issues that are well annotated and are organized properly in the workflow.”  — Sean Hennessy, Digital Strategist at Durkan Group, Design & Development Agency

The and Teamwork integration gives your team everything they need to give detailed and actionable feedback for your website team to bring the site from good to great.  Sign-up for your 15-day free trial of Marker here and see how the integration can streamline your bug reporting process. If you need a hand with the Teamwork and integration check out our help docs or send an email to and the team will be happy to help.

Teamwork integrates with a number of tools to help you build a seamless workflow. If you would like to request an integration that’s not on the list or are interested in building one, please send a mail to We’re always looking to grow our network of integration partners!

This is a 3rd party integration built and supported by the team at As part of a co-marketing effort we are sharing this blog post with our customers. We remain committed to working on the feature requests that appear on our roadmap. If you need a hand getting set up with this integration, please contact the team at