The new Instabug and Teamwork Projects integration lets you collect bug reports from mobile apps and turn them into tasks for your development team in just one click! Find out how this integration will help you improve your bug reporting. Instabug just released a great new integration with Teamwork Projects! Their feedback tool helps mobile app developers identify bugs and crashes as they happen and links them to tasks within Teamwork Projects. Instabug is an in-app feedback and bug reporting tool for mobile apps, used for beta testing, crash reports and user engagement. Users can simply shake their device to report bugs or offer feedback. Pairing Instabug with Teamwork Projects helps your development team receive all the details they need about bugs reported by testers and users from your mobile app with just one click.

As a bug appears on a mobile app, Instabug users can capture all the relevant data including screenshots that can have notations added. The integration with Teamwork Projects allows your team to have all the crucial information about bugs that have been reported and automatically converts the information into a Teamwork Projects task. You don’t need to manually create a task or go back to your users for more information. Once that data is collected, it is synced between Instabug and Teamwork Projects with just one click. Here’s how the process happens: Capture a screenshot or recording of the bug information on Instabug by simply shaking your device.


View bug information and transfer to Teamwork Projects with just one click.


Collaborate and start fixing bugs using Teamwork Projects.


  1. Create an  Instabug Account or login to your existing account.

  2. In your Teamwork Projects site, go to > My Profile > Integrations > Edit My Profile > API & Mobile, then click Show your token and copy it.

  3. In your Instabug account, find > Extras > Select the Teamwork Projects integration, then paste your token here and add in your Teamwork Projects site URL.

Check out our Instabug integration for Teamwork Projects article from our help docs site for more information. Instabug built this integration using the Teamwork Projects API. Both our support team and the Instabug support team are on hand should you have any questions about this integration. If you have an integration request or are interested in building an integration with Teamwork Projects, please drop us an email on We’re always looking to grow our list of integration partners!