Project managers like you have gone from managing a single, complex project to managing multiple projects at a time, which adds new dimensions and responsibilities to each day. It requires you to be extremely organized and responsive–and multi-task like a hero. Even with these skills, it’s nice to have a solution that can help bring it all together. We want to make it easy for anyone who is juggling several projects at a time to instantly review the status of the projects they’re working on. Because our users loved the addition of Board View for Tasks, we decided to take that concept of a visual workflow and give it another job by adding Portfolio–a feature that allows you to add projects to a board and instantly assess their progress. Now, instead of clicking through several screens to gather pertinent information on multiple projects, project managers, program managers or anyone at your company’s executive level, can use Portfolio to get a high level overview on their projects.


How to Use Portfolio

To get started, you need to be on the professional price plan or above. Simply click “add board,” give the board a name and start adding your columns. Using the backlog button, you can display a full list of your projects. To get a project onto a column, just drag and drop it onto a card. A good use of a column within the portfolio board is to label it as a status or a stage, and then you can have an instant status update on all your projects.


With each card now representing a project, you can retrieve even more detail by clicking the a card which will open up the same project summary that you’re used to seeing in your overview. From there, you can analyse the project even further. See how many tasks are overdue, how many are completed, the performance of individual team members, what’s on the task board, review the project trend and more Everything is accessible at your fingertips, and you won’t need to do too much searching to find the information you need.


Need More Information?

More information on the column settings and permissions is available through this article on our help doc site. You can also take a look at the video below to get you up and running in no time.

Remember that we’re always working to improve this feature. We take your comments and suggestions very seriously, so as you work with Portfolio and its new features, let us know if how we can make it even better. In the meantime, Portfolio should help project managers, this should make your job easier and save you some valuable time when you’re analysing the progress of your projects. *Portfolio is available on the Grow plan and higher.