During Teamwork Projects’ 12 Days of Features, we’re delivering a brand new feature every day to help you improve your productivity into the new year and beyond.

On the third day of Christmas, Teamwork gave to me… collaborative editing in Notebooks! We know that it’s more important than ever for teams to be in sync. That’s why we’ve just released collaborative editing for Notebooks, so your team can collaborate even more quickly and accurately. Now multiple users can view and edit Notebooks simultaneously and see changes in real time. Need to revert to your original text? No problem — your previous versions are preserved so you can easily access them at any time.

Notebooks are one of the most popular features in Teamwork Projects for teams that need to share ideas and information on the fly, from any location. That’s why we’ve made them better than ever by giving them an intuitive new design and increased functionality for smoother collaboration. Using cloud-based external apps for document collaboration can get clunky and put valuable information at a security risk, but Notebooks lets your team stay in Teamwork Projects to get more work done — without the distraction of switching platforms or the risk of losing sight of your documents in siloed folders.


Before this update, if multiple people tried to add their notes to a Notebook, they could overwrite each other’s work because there was no way to lock the text. Thanks to some helpful feedback from our customers, we’ve improved Notebooks to include changes that simplify collaboration, even when you have multiple contributors and lots of revisions. Now you can:

  • Let multiple users add text simultaneously without confusion

  • View changes in real time

  • Always access the most recent shared draft of a document

  • Rewrite and revise without losing any content

  • Access all of these features with any price plan

Here’s how you can use Notebooks to communicate more effectively and accomplish more each day.

Collaborative editing in Notebooks is excellent for when you’re trying to record every comment or idea from an important meeting. Multiple people can take notes during conference calls or brainstorming sessions, giving your team the opportunity to capture several perspectives without accidentally erasing each other’s efforts. When everyone is done adding material, you can publish the file as you normally would.

It takes a lot of organization for a whole team to prepare for a client meeting. Notebooks make it possible for everyone to help create an agenda, add discussion items, get clarification on project information, and share data without overlapping comments. Team members can work out these elements on the same page so they don’t have to waste time swapping individual emails and documents to get the information they need.

Teams in different time zones don’t often get the opportunity to meet in the same room, but Notebooks enable them to exchange ideas and keep projects moving forward from any location. And, because all of your private company material is within the password-protected Teamwork Projects platform, you have an extra layer of security. Start using collaborative editing in Teamwork Projects today! It’s available for all price plans, so there’s no reason to wait. If you have any questions, check out our help doc or send us an email at support@teamwork.com.  As promised, we’ll be announcing a new feature every day during Teamwork Projects’ 12 Days of Features, so make sure to check back here tomorrow. What features are still on your wish list? Drop us a comment below.