We are going to make more of an effort to show you behind the scenes here at TeamworkPM HQ. As part of this initiative, we’re going to introduce you to each of the team members. First up is Digital Crew Founder and Lead Developer Peter Coppinger…   OK, over to you Peter… tell us a little about your background… Hi All, it’s good to introduce myself and come out of my programming dungeon office for some air…   I’m 32, live in Cork City, Ireland, and I love my job. In fact, I started programming on a Commodore 64 back in the day when I was just 8. At 10 years old I was inspired when reading about good old Bill Gates, and even then I knew that I wanted to make amazing software with a like-minded team of great developers.   I co-founded Digital Crew over 11 years ago. For many years we were a small web consultancy and we completed hundreds of content-managed websites for small and medium-sized companies. We transitioned to developing powerful web applications for multinational clients.   About three years ago we decided that we needed to get more organized and so we searched for a project management platform application. What we found dismayed us, and so that summer, while visiting my sister in Boston for a few weeks, I set about creating TeamworkPM.   I programmed version 1.0 on my lonesome sitting on my sister’s sofa in the sweltering heat. TeamworkPM has come a long way since then and we have learned a lot in the process. I thoroughly enjoy getting down and dirty with the code, database and interface design.   I love making great software for you, and I’m more motivated by your positive feedback and the satisfaction of a job well done than I ever will be by money.   So what do you work on each day… I’m responsible for developing the TeamworkPM codebase and keeping everything running efficiently. We have a rule that bugs must be fixed before any new features are added, so every day I come to work and check the bug list.   We typically try to clear the list of small and large bugs before moving on to feature development. When any bugs are cleared, I turn to the roadmap, pick the most important task and I get stuck in.   I also spend a lot of time optimizing TeamworkPM so that everything is nice and fast. I check logs for slow queries, add indexes and optimize them, and implement caching mechanisms that allow us to scale and provide a better, faster experience. We believe that speed is an important feature for TeamworkPM.   Finally, we’re a small team so we all stay involved in answering your feedback and marketing TeamworkPM.   What are you working on today? Today I’ve been putting the finishing touches on a new file upload server system. Over the last week I’ve designed and implemented a system to take over the processing of all our file uploads (and thumbnail and file serving) so that these file uploads won’t have an impact on the performance of the main application.   Once this system is rolled out, uploads will be faster, thumbnail generation will be faster and better, and the entire TeamworkPM application will be a little faster, more robust and able to scale better. So you should expect a subtle speed improvement in a few days time. Anything to add? Just to say that we have BIG plans for TeamworkPM. It’s already pretty damn good, but in a few months time it’s going to knock your socks off.   It’s a pleasure working on software that helps thousands of companies around the world do their work faster and better. For me, it’s extremely gratifying when I see your posts on Twitter, feedback and testimonials that recognize the hours of design, re-design, debate and programming effort that went into a feature.   So to you all I say thank you, and if you haven’t chimed in already we’d love to get a testimonial from you. Cheers!