Ireland Website Design, based in Waterford, Ireland, specializes in online and digital marketing and branding for businesses worldwide. Nick Butler, CEO, founded the agency in 2010 to focus on his passion to make every client’s website unique, search engine friendly, and engaging, while maximizing click-through rates, sales conversions, and return on investment. Collaborating within the team and with the country’s top graphic designers, SEO specialists and marketing professionals, Ireland Website Design faced a growth phase and scaling as it became one of Ireland’s most respected and well-established IT companies

“Teamwork Projects has seen a massive beneficial impact here at Ireland Website Design. I simply cannot envision returning to a time without it for the very real fear of losing the professional traction and growth that we have made.”

As a team comprised of many members, each with their own specialities and skill sets, Ireland Website Design needed a method to centralize and collaborate more effectively. Nick needed to find a platform which would organize the company’s new and existing projects and tasks so they could be viewed and addressed as a team. With a broad range of work, the team also needed ways to simplify the repeated processes for web design and development, mobile app development, SEO services, content management and copywriting, as well as graphic design. In addition they wanted to interface smoothly with freelance consultants from all around the world. The Ireland Website Design team needed team-wide visibility and access, ideally with full transparency so clients could follow along with the work on their project. Detailed tasks and task lists were necessary to make sure no project element was ever missed or forgotten. They also wanted each task to have assignment options for accountability. Overall, Ireland Website Design was searching for software that could help them create detailed and comprehensive workflows and task options to support the team’s own workflow in such a way that it encouraged work and process quality for their clients. Nick especially wanted to make sure each team member had the ability to stay updated when working remotely or on the road.

Nick knew when his agency entered a growth phase, it needed to lead his team to a more structured and comprehensive project management approach, so he began looking online. After extensive research, he determined Teamwork Projects was a good match. Ireland Website Design began to use Teamwork Projects to streamline and optimize their internal processes and external output. With a team comprising of members with diverse specialities and skill sets, they managed a complex array of tasks within their scope of projects. Today, team meetings are easier because the entire team is well versed in company priorities, project stages, and the relevant steps to have a productive working day.

“By using Teamwork Projects, I can see at a glance what each individual team member is working on at any given time. I can also view any comments or notes between the team and respective clients.”

Teamwork Projects provides a sense of project transparency for both internal team members and external clients. Clients can see actual time logged on the tasks supporting their projects and, even after a full project is completed, the activity logs and notes recorded throughout the duration of the project are stored to review whenever needed. Additionally, the project manager can plan which resources will be needed going forward —-and if additional team members are needed to meet the impending workload.

“Teamwork Projects offers a safety net in that staff can monitor their procedures and checklists to ensure that every ‘box’ is ticked. There is now a scalable and repeatable process in use to deter error and retain consistency. We have found it much easier to hold team meetings as everybody is versed in and included on what is happening with the company, what stages projects are at and what the relevant steps are to have a productive working day. ”


Combining Teamwork Projects with their internal process is helping Ireland Website Design solve many internal workflow issues while also finding a few unexpected benefits. To make sure no detail is forgotten, every task within a larger project scope is itemized with step-by-step stages and subtasks, due dates, and detailed descriptions. Each task assigned has to be marked as completed when done, so anything that is outstanding is instantly visible as an incomplete task. Ireland Website Design depends on the use of time logs per project and per task for their own time management and productivity goal, but also for client communication. When a client queries how many hours a specific phase of their website build or logo design took, the company can show them the exact time and dates on which specific project tasks were actioned. With all the tasks and project elements outlined in Teamwork Projects, Nick can see instantly what tasks each individual team member is working on at any given time, and observe notes and comments between the team and clients. He is now able to spend more time nurturing leads, tweaking and perfecting their sales and marketing funnel, and traveling to meet industry peers and potential clients. Having access to Teamwork Projects on his laptop and the app on his mobile device, Nick is never out of reach and can stay informed with notifications and reminders. These tools also allow other team members to be instantly informed of a task assignment or approaching deadline. The integrations also allow efficiency between related workflows, such as Nick’s use of the Microsoft Excel integration.

“Regardless of where I am, or what I am doing, having Teamwork Projects on my laptop or mobile device in its app form means that I am never really away from being on the pulse of the action of the goings on at Ireland Website Design.”

One of the major advantages of Teamwork Projects is the way businesses can use the features to create itemized and systemized tools to support its work processes. Since adopting the use of Teamwork Projects, Ireland Website Design noticed an increase in the quality of work thanks to the consistency and thorough procedures they implemented. Teamwork Projects allows staff to monitor their procedures and checklists to ensure that every box is ticked. With task list templates and recurring tasks features, the scalable and repeatable process helps deter errors and retain consistency. This has led to a noticeable increase in time management and professional work quality. Referrals have also increased as clients have taken notice of the high-quality work and excellent follow-through on tasks promised and completed.

“We always felt like we were reinventing the wheel. We had no clear method or set of processes that could help outline all of the steps within a project and provide accountability to all of the stakeholders. Teamwork Projects is an essential tool for any modern business looking for a simple and effective task and project management platform that will not let them down.“