Imagine a world where creating that monthly report is a walk in the park, and quarterly calls don’t come with the painstaking task of mining through endless pools of facts and figures. 

Well, the latest integration between Teamwork and Easy Insight will help you do just that!

Illustrating project performance often comes with its own set of issues that involve a great deal of time and energy. Trawling through a sea of figures and milestones can be a demanding task to undertake even for the most seasoned of project managers.

 Easy Insight’s unique and affordable approach to business intelligence gives you a 360-degree view of the entire breadth of your projects in Teamwork, from tasks and time to risks and milestones. It also makes this data work for you, by simplifying overloaded processes and details into easy-to-read reports, taking the legwork out of demonstrating both your team and project performance.

Using the Easy Insight and Teamwork integration is the first step to reaping the endless benefits of fuss-free reporting.

Connecting Easy Insight with Teamwork is simple. To integrate both tools, log in to your Easy Insight, go to the ‘Connections’ page, and log in to your Teamwork account. From here, you’ll also have the option to enable a two-way data sync if you need it.

Create custom reports

While there’s a lot to love about Easy Insight, one of our favorite features is its fully customizable project reports, which allows you to build reports that are unique to your business requirements. Choosing from an array of diagrams and charts to demonstrate the data points that are the most relevant to you is part of what makes this integration a versatile addition to your business tools.

Pre-built dashboard

Another great feature which enhances this versatility is Easy Insight’s pre-built dashboard. You can choose from a range of dashboards to view your data in the most relevant, easy-to-read manner. Dashboard styles include:

  • Overview; a dashboard that gives you a bird’s eye view of insights such as your current performance, tasks by assignee, active projects, as well as billable and non-billable hours worked by your team.

  • Trends; a view that helps you understand the historical performance of your team, allowing you to identify patterns and trends to inform business decisions reactively.

  • Task calendar; view all your teams tasks in one calendar view. Tasks are colour coded and can be filtered by person if you need to drill into a specific person’s calendar of tasks on selected projects.

  • Resource Allocation; this dashboard helps you to see upcoming work by assignee on a weekly basis, and identify overloaded resources within your team, relative to their usual workload.

  • Gantt Chart; this forward-looking set-up helps you to visualize projects and their tasks over the upcoming weeks and months.


Two-way data sync

Using the two-way sync, you can add, edit, and delete Teamwork tasks directly from your Easy Insight-generated reports, automatically updating data across both tools in real-time. This seamless two-way connection is the key to saving time and resources that will otherwise be spent on sifting through data and making sure all platforms are up-to-date.

Ultimately, connecting your Teamwork account with your Easy Insight account means that dealing with large bundles of data to create reports that provide visibility is no longer out of reach.

 Easy Insight and Teamwork are the key to gaining full view of your business with accuracy and efficiency, at an affordable price.

This is a third-party integration built and supported by the team at Easy Insight. We remain committed to working on the feature requests that appear on our roadmap. If you need a hand getting set up with this integration, or have any queries, please contact the Easy Insight team at or check out the integration help doc here.