During Teamwork Spaces' 12 Days of Christmas, we'll be sharing tips, best practices, use cases, and releasing new features to help you get the most out of Teamwork Spaces.

On the 12th Day of Christmas, Teamwork Spaces gives to you the top 12 features released throughout 2020.  During the year we've aimed to continuously improve your experience within Teamwork Spaces by enhancing and simplifying our existing functionality, but just as importantly, we've also released many new features, 12 of which are highlighted today.

Secure your content within Teamwork Spaces with Private Pages. You can set pages as private to be viewed by you, editors, or select users. When a page is private it will move to the bottom of your content tree under a new Private section. These can only be seen by the selected users, therefore they are ideal confidential and restriction information or hosting draft documents.

You can upload attachments to a space and share them across multiple pages within that space. The space attachments page is accessible via the space sidebar and will show all attachments that are uploaded to a space or individual pages. You can also delete attachments from here which will remove them from any pages they are used on. Using the attachments widget in the page editor, you also have the option to select files from the space to be displayed on the page.

Create page templates within your Teamwork Spaces account so your wider team can use them going forward, all the while you begin to automate processes, save time on setup, and maintain a structure within your spaces.  When creating a new page you’ll be able to select an existing template to use from the Add Page options. You will also be able to select a template from within the page editor, simply click on Use a Template when you create a new page  - allowing you to see a preview of the template you have selected.

New templates can be created directly from a page or from the Page Templates option within Teamwork Spaces settings. Any existing templates can be updated or deleted here.

Page Templates

Following page templates we later introduced an array of pre-made templates that you can find in the Template Gallery. From EOS L10's to Meeting Minutes, Client Proposals to Project Planning, and many more, you can generate your content from our predefined templates, ensuring you’re covering everything you need to while also saving time. 

Select Use a Template from your new space page, click on Template Gallery, and select the template that you want to use.

Template Gallery

Sometimes a picture says a thousand words. That’s why we introduced Reactions!  Similar to Teamwork Chat, you can now choose from a selection of popular emojis in Teamwork Spaces to react to content.

Use reactions to get your team’s sentiment and feedback on your content, whether that’s on pages, page comments or inline comments. Reactions allow you to acknowledge or gauge responses without the need for everyone to leave unnecessary comments. 


We also added the ability to export the content of an entire space as a PDF. This means you can share your important documents, SOPs, project history, and more with clients and stakeholders, whether it is on an ongoing basis, to review at a point in time, or to archive at the end of a project this enables you to keep the lines of communication open and transparent.

To export a space, go to the Options area, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Request PDF export button to start the export process.

The Public Page Share feature allows you to share content with external collaborators. We know that many of you frequently need to work on documentation with clients — however, when iterating on such documents work can easily get lost. With Public Page Share, your clients are able to comment on the live documents, allowing you to get crucial stakeholder feedback while still ensuring that you are in control of your documentation and information is kept up to date. 

To create a public link to your page, select the Use a shareable link option by selecting Share on the top right of a published page. The link-sharing field will be updated with a public URL of the page, and you’ll have the option to copy the link. You can also send email invites to the individual people you want to share your page with, and they’ll receive a personal link to access the page.

Public Page Share

Easily see the progress of a project neatly within a Timeline widget!

Simply create timelines directly within your pages to coordinate work or track and assign to-dos from meetings, allowing you and your team to view the progress and expected delivery times in a highly visual way, right within the space.

Timeline Widget

We recently introduced the Space Manager role, giving you more control over your user permissions and the management of all the spaces across your organization.  

With the addition of this new role, user permissions and access have now changed:

  • Space Manager – As well as having all the permissions of an editor, Space Managers can invite and remove users, manage space options and administrate and delete a space,

  • Editor – Can create, edit, read, comment on, and delete pages within a space. Editors can also assign required reading and set individual page privacy settings. However they no longer have access to; space options, space settings, or the permissions section of a space.

  • Reader – Can read pages and make comments.

You can revise your employee’s access levels via the permissions section of your Teamwork Spaces account.

Space Manager Role

You can easily find your spaces with our categorization functionality. Your team’s admin can create a list of categories specific to your account so you can organize and group your spaces, simplifying the process for your team when they are trying to locate content. Admins can add, edit, and delete categories from the Home area of your account.

Spaces categories

As many of you collaborate with wider teams, stakeholders, and clients, we understand how critical it is to gather their feedback directly within Teamwork Spaces while they are in read mode.

Users can collaborate with you by leaving comments on the text without needing to be in editor mode. If necessary, editors can toggle off the read mode commenting ability when sharing content and any comments made while in editor mode will only be visible to other editors.


Readers can now view a discreet page navigation bar on the left-hand side of their page. This allows readers to easily navigate through long pages of content.  

And don't forget the 2 new features we launched over the 12 Days of Christmas with Teamwork Spaces:

We hope you find value in Teamwork Spaces' 12 Days of Christmas. As always if you have any feedback or questions, please leave a comment below or contact us at spaces@teamwork.com. Happy Holidays!