During Teamwork Spaces’ 12 Days of Christmas, we'll be sharing tips, best practices, use cases, and releasing new features to help you get the most out of Teamwork Spaces.

Teamwork Spaces is all about giving you somewhere to collaborate on and store your content, but traditionally on the web, how you read it - is often determined by others. Today, we're giving you the controls you need to change that along with other typography improvements designed to enhance your experience.

Within Teamwork Spaces, open the menu at the top right by clicking on your avatar and selecting Reading Preferences. Here you'll find sliders that you can drag which alters how the text appears on all pages you read. You can see this in both the preview area and in the page content, which updates live in the background. All preferences are stored locally on your device so you can have separate settings for your tablet and that massive monitor you asked Santa to get you for Christmas!

Don't worry about being precise with your selections - the sliders don't show their exact value intentionally - just fiddle with it and find what works best for you. We do this because the final display settings are dynamically calculated using a combination of both your preferences and the width available on the device in order to deliver an optimum reading experience.

Eamonn a fellow developer, Allison our senior product designer, and I began this late last month during our Teamwork Hackathon 2020 project using some fantastic new technologies such as variable fonts, so we're incredibly excited to release this feature for you all to use and we truly hope it makes for a more rich and accommodating reading experience.

While helpful for everyone, this is a much bigger deal to those with reading impairments - having the ability to scale up text, alter its spacing and select an accessibility font like OpenDyslexic can make a world of difference to those users - here at Teamwork, we are delighted to play our part in making the web a more inclusive place for everyone.

If you have any thoughts, contact us at spaces@teamwork.com or leave a comment below. Happy Christmas!