Run cross browser testing across 2000+ different desktop and mobile browsers and log bug reports as tasks with the new integration between Teamwork Projects and LambdaTest.

A solid bug reporting process is vital for streamlining investigations for your testing and product teams — but that isn’t possible if you track bugs in different ways or places. Fortunately, the latest integration between Teamwork Projects and LambdaTest will help your team improve the process of bug reporting and resolution.

LambdaTest provides a cross browser testing platform for automated and manual testing across 2000+ different desktop and mobile browsers. Features include real-time, screenshot and responsive testing and a UI comparison feature to identify visual regression bugs or changes.

With the Teamwork Projects and LambdaTest integration, you can log bugs directly from LambdaTest as tasks in Teamwork Projects. When creating these tasks, you can assign them to whoever is responsible and add a title and description to give them context. LambdaTest will automatically include details from the testing environment, such as browser version, OS, resolution, comments, along with screenshots. The best part of this integration? You can do all of this right from your testing sessions, so you don’t need to break your flow by switching apps. To start logging issues directly from LambdaTest to Teamwork Projects, you will need to enable the integration. For more information on using this integration, check out our help doc. Teamwork Projects integrates with a number of tools to help you build a seamless workflow. If you would like to request an integration that’s not on the list or are interested in building one, please send a mail to We’re always looking to grow our network of integration partners! This is a 3rd party integration built and supported by the team at LambdaTest. As part of a co-marketing effort, we are sharing this blog post with our customers. We remain committed to working on the feature requests that appear on our roadmap. If you need a hand getting set up with this integration, or have any queries, please contact the LambdaTest team here.