Turn talk into Tasks with the new Teamwork Projects add-on for Gmail. Manage decisions directly from your Gmail inbox by converting email threads into tasks – ready and waiting to be worked on by the team! This powerful new add-on will enhance your team’s productivity. By creating Teamwork Projects tasks directly from Gmail, you can eliminate extra steps and focus on important work. Not only that, this new add-on means conversations don’t get lost and team collaboration is taken to the next level. Turning emails into tasks isn’t all this new add-on can do! You can also add tasks to specific projects, assign tasks, estimate times, plus add a due date, tags, comments, or priority level. In addition, you can also add a whole task list directly from Gmail. This new functionality is guaranteed to help you accomplish goals quicker. Teams that use both Teamwork Projects and Gmail are already finding this a valuable tool that adds efficiency to their workflows. 

The Teamwork Projects for Gmail add-on is beneficial for a range of teams across different industries. Here are some situations where Teamwork Projects for Gmail has helped teams be more productive:

Balancing marketing campaigns for a range of clients can become a tricky process. One client has an issue with their PPC campaign management while another is having an issue with their analytics — and a new RFP just came in that demands attention. In just a few clicks, you can create a task containing all the information in each email and assign it to the correct person — straight from your Gmail account.

Keeping track of a construction project isn’t easy, with a lot of moving parts, each one dependent on the other. If communications are mismanaged, there can be serious consequences to the timelines. Changes to the project design mean action needs to be taken immediately. The PM can turn an email describing changes into a task, add the due date, priority and assign to the appropriate engineer without wasting time entering information manually. This keeps the build on spec and completed on time.

Tech support teams can receive hundreds or queries and requests daily. When an email comes into the support team reporting a bug in the system, the Tech Support Specialist can take action by turning their correspondence with the customer into a task, assign it to the product developer to make the fix. Communication between the customer, support team, and developer is streamlined to find a solution without leaving Gmail — leaving your support team ready to tackle the next request in the pipeline.

Managing remote teams in a global software company can be challenging. Clear communication is essential between remote teams and office workers, but sometimes updates via email can be easily overlooked. This new add-on lets the team instantly turn conversations into tasks, saving everyone time understanding the decisions that were made and who’s responsible for the next steps. As you integrate Teamwork Projects for Gmail into your workflows, you’ll find even more ways to streamline your workflows and improve communication in your company. If you’re already using this new add-on, leave us a comment below and tell us Teamwork Projects for Gmail helps you each day.


For more information on how to set up Teamwork Projects for Gmail, check out our help doc. If you need a hand getting started with this add-on, send an email to support@teamwork.com, and one of our support agents will be more than happy to help!