Take action at the right time to prevent your customers from churning by using the ChurnZero integration with both Teamwork Projects and Teamwork Desk.  For many Customer Success teams, ChurnZero is the main operations hub where they can see in real-time things like customer account health, NPS score, their interaction and usage of your product, likelihood to renew and much more. By combining it with the power of both Teamwork Desk and Teamwork Projects, you can become even more efficient in combating customer churn. Using the Teamwork Projects integration, you can see what client projects are in progress directly from the related account in ChurnZero so you get a holistic view of what’s coming up. You get an overview of all associated client projects, tasks, and milestones directly from the customer account in ChurnZero.


Using the Teamwork Desk integration, you can get a clear picture of a customer’s history of interaction with your team. All customer tickets are pulled directly into the associated customer accounts in ChurnZero so you can get up to speed quickly. Simply click on the ticket in ChurnZero and it brings you directly to the thread in Teamwork Desk.


How customer success teams use both integrations

For instance, here’s how it would work. You log into your ChurnZero account and in the Command Center you see that you have a high-value customer due for renewal in one week’s time. You click into that customer’s account, let’s call them Whirlwind Media, and you notice that their activity has been unusually low for the past number of weeks. Using the integration with Teamwork Desk, you click into the Custom Tables field and view all the correspondence they’ve had over the last few months. From here you noticed that they were unhappy with a recent update and as a result are now at risk of churning. Viewing the associated tasks, you can see that a developer is working on implementing a fix for the update they were unhappy with but nobody had communicated this with them. Using the combined power of the Teamwork Desk, Teamwork Projects, and ChurnZero integration, the Customer Success Manager is informed in context and can reach out to the customer to inform them of fix that is being rolled out for their issue and the communicate with them to reduce the risk of churn. 

Getting started

To get started with this new integration you’ll need both a ChurnZero and Teamwork Projects and/or Teamwork Desk account. There is a little extra setup required for the Teamwork Projects integration so please follow the guidelines in our help docs to get you set up properly. To get started with the Teamwork Desk integration, check out this help doc. This is a 3rd party integration built and supported by the team at ChurnZero. As part of a co-marketing effort, we are sharing this blog post with our customers. We remain committed to working on the feature requests that appear on our roadmap. If you need a hand getting set up with this integration, or have any queries, please contact the ChurnZero team at support@churnzero.net.