As we close in on the end of 2020, our Teamwork Spaces team have been busy enhancing the user interface of our product so your experience is constantly improving. On top of what they have released this month, they are also planning a surprise for you, our customers, throughout December.

Before we talk about what is coming in December, here is what the team has delivered this month:

We know as you build out the pages and subpages of content within a space, the order on those pages do not necessarily align to when they were created. To date you have been able to edit the order of your pages from within the page reorder settings.

But now we have made it significantly easier for you to organize your space. From the sidebar you can simply click on the name of your page or subpage and drag and drop to where you want it. 

If you want to nest a page under another page, drag and drop it onto the relevant parent page name and it will populate as a subpage for you.

Note that there is one caveat to this reordering and that is your homepage will always remain as the first page on your list and you will not be able to reorder your homepage.

Page reorder

Users can now access various space options from a page and then directly return to the page they were on.

To quickly access these options, simply click on the options menu, located to the right of the space title in the left sidebar. The options available to you will depend on your permissions for that space. From here you will see an array of options:

  • Insights - view a timeline of activity associated with the space, including space and page creation and updates.

  • Space Settings - update settings for the space such as name, theme, and category.

  • Permissions - view and manage members of the space and their associated permissions.

  • Organize - reorder the pages within the space.

  • Attachments - view and manage all attachments for the space.

  • Trash - view, restore, or permanently delete pages in your trash can.

When you select a section from the menu, you will be redirected to that subsection of the space options, you can also continue to use the navigation pane on the left to move between the other subsections that you have access to. Then simply click on the return to content option in the top left to go back to the page you were previously on. 

To learn more about the space options and the access permissions per option, view our help doc here

As I mentioned earlier, the Teamwork Spaces team have a treat in store for you throughout the month of December. Earlier this month our team was involved in a company-wide Hackathon, where some great ideas and features began to evolve for our customer to be able to gain greater value in Teamwork Spaces. Now our team is evaluating what we will offer you in the short few weeks ahead and what will join our longer term roadmap, but from features, to your feedback and a bounty of valuable insights that is coming your way in December - be sure to stay tuned!

And as always if you have any questions or comments please add to the comments section below or contact us at