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How to Avoid Unprofitable Client Work: A Guide to Mastering Utilization Rates

Your agency works hard for the clients you serve, but your business can’t sustain doing that great work if it isn’t profitable.  But, in order to avoid that unprofitable client work, you’ll need to master the one metric that holds the key to your efficiency & profitability: Your Utilization Rate.

Unfortunately, only 18% of agencies always reach their internal utilization targets, and just 1 in 4 are hitting industry standard benchmarks for billable utilization (Source: The State of Agency Operations 2023).  

Ready for a change? If so, in this webinar you’ll learn:

  • The Challenges to Measuring Utilization Rates (& how to overcome them)

  • Billable Utilization Targets and Benchmarks

  • Tactics for Accurately Tracking Billable vs Non-Billable Time

  • The Connection Between Utilization & Profitability (& how to master it)

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Logan Lyles
Evangelism & Content Marketing, Teamwork.com
Logan Lyles
Evangelism & Content Marketing, Teamwork.com

Logan Lyles is the Evangelism & Content Marketing Manager at Teamwork.com, a project management platform built for scaling client work. Logan previously served in several leadership roles at Sweet Fish, a B2B podcast agency serving mid-market SaaS companies. Taking over sales from the agency founder in 2018, Logan helped triple the business in his first 6 months. He also played a key role in landing the agency on the Inc 5,000 List (twice), while helping the company both 10x headcount and increase ARR by 1,283%. Logan works from his home office (that’s slowly becoming a mini video studio) alongside his labradoodle, Mack, in Castle Rock, CO.

Marcel Petitpas
Co-Founder & CEO of Parakeeto
Marcel Petitpas
Co-Founder & CEO of Parakeeto

Marcel Petitpas is the CEO & Co-Founder of Parakeeto, a company dedicated to helping agencies measure and improve their profitability by streamlining their operations and reporting systems. 

He’s also the head strategic coach at SaaS Academy by Dan Martell, the #1 coaching program for B2B SaaS businesses in the world.

In his work as a speaker, podcast host and consultant, specializing in Agency Profitability Optimization, he's helped hundreds of agencies around the world measure the right metrics and improve their operations and profitability without relying on financial data and accounting professionals, and take control of their business with simple numbers anyone can understand and measure. 

When he’s not helping agencies make more money, he’s probably watching “The Office” or “Parks and Rec” on a never-ending loop and eating breakfast foods for every meal of the day.  

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