How To Drive Client Results 70% Faster w/ Kate Vasylenko

Clients who are “happy” may still leave you.  But clients who are seeing results–and seeing them fast?

Now, that increases the value you deliver and decreases the chances that new clients will churn.

So, how did this digital marketing agency drive client results 70% faster, increase customer satisfaction scores and start getting glowing feedback from more clients?

It was all about strategy.

More specifically, they did away with the old divide between their strategy and client services teams and introduced a new client-facing role solely responsible for consistently updating the client’s strategy and delivering client results.

By creating this new role that now works alongside their project managers, they’ve been able to decrease the feedback loop between performance data and the strategy the agency is executing for their clients.

In today’s conversation with Kate Vasylenko, CEO of 42DM, you’ll hear:

  • Why they hired marketers with more in-house experience for this new role

  • The questions they asked to find the right talent 

  • How they made this structural change to their client delivery team (so you can learn how to do the same)

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