The Must-Have Forecast Model to Grow Your Agency w/ Garrett Mehrguth

Today he runs an agency doing $25MM in ARR with around 150 employees. But–as the story usually goes–this success didn’t come overnight & started with much more humble beginnings.

From not getting paid by one of his first clients to gaining traction with small monthly retainers on Fiverr to now running a successful performance marketing agency for SaaS companies, Garrett Mehrguth, CEO of Directive, has learned a forecasting model that’s allowed him to scale his agency well beyond those humble beginnings.

In today’s conversation, he shares:

  • The 2 part financial forecasting model you need to grow your agency

  • The common mistake agency owners make regarding executive pay

  • How to set goals that are meaningful, yet attainable, for your team

Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

An Agency’s Guide to Measuring And Improving Billable Utilization (Ebook)

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