3 Steps to Owning Your Niche in 90 Days w/ Nick Bennett

Do you feel the pressure of having to rely almost solely on word of mouth and referrals to continue growing your agency?

If so, you're not alone.

Even if you have all the systems and capabilities to grow your agency, you may not be effectively marketing your firm...and it's often for a common reason:

You've become an "interchangeable agency."

If you're like most marketing agencies, it's difficult for you to tell clients the problem you really solve.

You struggle to get clients to see (and believe) that you're different.

If that's you, you've been unknowingly positioning yourself as an interchangeable agency.

The answer is to stop marketing your solutions and trying to convince buyers that you're better.  Instead, start marketing the problem (and become the default solution).

In today's episode with Nick Bennett, Founder of Harness & Hone, he shares the 3 steps you can take to clearly define (and dominate) your niche.

You'll hear from Nick:

  • How to go beyond the typical niching by vertical market

  • How to clearly define the problem you solve

  • How to develop your POV around that problem

  • How to deploy that POV out into the market and into the right discovery channels for your unique audience.

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