Creative requests template

Swap creative request forms for actionable, trackable tasks

Are your creatives still using awkward forms to try to juggle all of their incoming creative requests? With our creative request template, you can say goodbye to forms and spreadsheets and hello to a list of actionable tasks that allow you to streamline your creative request process from beginning to end.

Help your teams to request the assets they need with an effortless creative request process that helps your creatives to manage their workloads and prioritize their work.

With our creative request template, you can follow a smooth creative request process that gives everyone visibility over what’s required and when, empowers your creatives to focus on the tasks that matter, and keeps all of your feedback and finished creative assets in one central location.

How to use our creative request template to improve your workflow

Why make the switch from creative request forms to our creative request template?

With forms, your creatives are left to juggle multiple requests, provide updates to stakeholders, and manually manage the process — all of which cuts into the time they can spend actually creating. With a creative request template, you can automate the admin, help team members to follow best practices, and give everyone visibility over the process. Here are 3 benefits of replacing your creative request form with our creative request template:

  • Quickly turn requests into actions.
    Create requests as tasks and quickly assign them to the right team member to keep work flowing.

  • Track your request’s progress.
    See what stage your request is at with Board View, and keep a full record of relevant discussions in one central place.

  • Prioritize requests and allocate tasks.
    Quickly spot any bottlenecks, overloaded team members, or colliding deadlines in advance, for happier creatives.

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