Digital marketing plan template

Customize and organize all of your digital marketing tasks in one space

Whether it’s email, social media, SEO, content, PPC, events, brand, or demand generation, planning projects requires a lot of collaboration and even more clarity into what needs to be done.

Marketers are experts at bringing campaigns to life, which is why it’s so important for them to have a pulse on everything from ideation to launch.

Using a comprehensive digital marketing plan template allows you to add more details to tasks for further clarity and to track projects from beginning to end to prevent bottlenecks.

Everyone on the team can share or add assets to specific tasks so everyone is up to speed.

Why our digital marketing plan template works better

  • Centralize your content hub
    Centralize all of your content including images, videos, copy, and more in one place. Increase efficiency by tracking the progress of tasks so you’re ready to pivot or launch any campaign.

  • Add even more details
    Get granular with marketing campaigns details by creating subtasks. Never miss important information about your campaigns with the complexity to assign, edit, and monitor every task.

  • Strengthen collaboration
    Easily invite other marketing teams to collaborate and complete tasks. Ensure all stakeholders – even your clients – have access to any or all project and campaign details.

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