Podcast planning template

From script to launch, plan every stage of your episodes

Successful podcasts have a way of succinctly telling great stories. And to compact everything you need to simply launch your personal or business podcast, it takes a massive amount of organization.

Whether it’s gathering the necessary equipment, scheduling interviews, scriptwriting, recording, editing, or finally promoting your episode, there’s a number of important tasks to check off your list.

Using our podcast planning template allows you to start a podcast and stay on track with the entire creation process by presenting a bird’s-eye view of the entire project, so you effectively monitor, track, and complete each episode.

Don’t miss a single step or important tid-bit of your story by organizing your tasks. Even if you’re just getting started, our template will help you get the creative process flowing by identifying key steps to launch.

Why our podcast planning template works better for your business

  • Store everything in one place
    Upload and download all of your essential audio files, documents, photos, and design files in one place. Stay organized with your podcast planning by keeping everything you or your team needs in one place.

  • Track your progress
    Start the podcast creation process with visual task tracking so you can easily spot bottlenecks and make adjustments on the fly. Keep all of your tasks organized and on schedule.

  • Go deeper into the details
    Get more granular with your podcast project details by creating subtasks. Don’t lose important details in any step of the planning process when you share or assign subtasks across your project.

  • Strengthen collaboration
    Whether it’s an internal team or outside collaborators, it’s easy to invite other users to your podcast planning project. Ensure everyone working on your podcast is on top of their tasks and can access every detail.

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