Design project management template

Simplify your design project management process

Speccing out your client’s needs, liaising with your designers and creatives, requesting and implementing client feedback — no matter what kind of design project you’re working on, you need a solid design management process to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Keep track of all the moving pieces and start every design project the right way with our design project management template.

Already have a defined process in place for web design or graphic design? You can also create a template tailored to your team’s exact way of working, so you can quickly spin up detailed projects without missing a single step.

What is a design project management plan template?

A design project management plan template is a structured document that outlines the key elements and processes involved in managing a design project efficiently and effectively. Think of it like a trusty roadmap that will help you navigate your design project from start to finish without getting lost along the way.

Here are the key components of any good design project management plan template:

  • Project overview: Brief description of the design project, including goals, objectives, and overall purpose.

  • Scope definition: Clearly define the scope of the design project, including deliverables and exclusions

  • Stakeholders: List and describe the roles and responsibilities for each team member involved in the project, including wider stakeholders

  • Timeline: A detailed project timeline with key dates and deadlines for each design phase

  • Budget allocation: Budget breakdown, including costs for materials, software, and personnel

  • Design brief: Document the design brief, including client requirements, goals, and any blockers

  • Approvals and feedback: Define the process for obtaining client approvals, and the plan for handling revisions and feedback

  • Reporting: Specify the reporting requirements, including progress reports and budget updates

Unleash your creativity with our free design project management template
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Benefits of using our design planning template

Our design project management template has everything you need to nail your next design project on time, under budget, and to a standard your clients will love.

Read on to discover some of the benefits your teams and clients will enjoy:

  • Save time: Design projects can be complex. With templates, you can ensure every single web design and graphic design project adheres to your best practices, without needing to manually create every task or waste time on admin along the way.

  • Stay on top of deadlines and team capacity: Set project due dates, priority levels, and milestones to keep team members on the right track. Set project budgets to track project progress against the scope of work, and make adjustments before things get out of hand.

  • Focus on creativity: Don’t spend valuable billable hours on admin and process. With all the project management admin sorted upfront, your team is freed to focus on creative solutions to delight your clients.

  • Keep clients in the loop
    Give your clients confidence with detailed project plans that outline exactly what they can expect, and when. You can also build regular client feedback checkpoints into your template, so they can stay involved — and happy.

  • Customize your workflow: Build, view, and manage your projects quickly and easily. Everything is customizable so you can quikcly adapt the template for different projects and select the level of detail you need to get the job done as efficiently as possible. With Lists, Gantt chats, Kanban boards and more, there's a view to suit every way of working.

Design project management template - FAQs

How does a design project template streamline the creative process?

A design project template streamlines the creative process by creating a well-defined plan, fostering collaboration, reducing ambiguity, and enhancing overall efficiency. These factors combined enable creative teams to focus on ideation and execution instead of time-consuming manual tasks.

How does a design plan template contribute to successful project execution?

A design plan template contributes to the successful execution of a project by providing a structured framework that guides the team through key stages of the project life cycle. This includes providing clarity over objectives, timelines, roles and responsibilities, communication best practices, budget management, and project evaluation.

How can a design project template enhance collaboration among project team members?

A design project template enhances collaboration among project team members by providing a structured framework that defines roles and responsibilities, encourages the use of collaborative tools and platforms, and establishes a clear communication plan. The template promotes regular team meetings, client collaboration, and feedback processes, fostering an environment where team members can effectively share ideas, address challenges, and align on design decisions.

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