Start approving your team’s time in 4 easy steps

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It’s time to say farewell to nasty billing surprises and hello to more financial control. Introducing Time Approvals, our latest Scale plan feature that will ensure you get the final say over your team’s time for the ultimate in accurate client billing.

Take comfort in knowing that there are guardrails in place to protect your time data and billing details. Follow these four steps to work through the entire process, from setup to approval.

1. Setup

Your time approvers have a big job, so select them with careful consideration. Enable Time Reminders in your main Settings, choose colleagues from the drop down menu, and that’s it—time approvers have been set!

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2. Submit

Once your timesheet has been filled in for the week and you're happy with it, simply click “Submit for approval”. The approver will be automatically notified via email, so there’s no need to ping them manually. If you need to add in more time or adjust a time entry, you have the flexibility to do so! Just be sure to click “Resubmit for approval” so your approver is reviewing the most recent version of your timesheet.

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3. Review

In the Approvals tab, approvers will see a list of timesheet submissions by team member that are ready for review. If something seems off while reviewing, approvers can edit the time log themselves (assuming they have project/task permission) or seamlessly request changes inline. With this level of control and oversight, you can rest assured knowing timesheets will be bang-on.

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4. Approve

Let’s say the timesheet is all set! Give it the go-ahead by clicking “Approve” and a green banner will appear along the top of the timesheet for both the approver and submitter. How’s that for a streamlined process?

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Final details

The approvals tab also features the ability to filter, search, and sort so you can easily navigate around submissions. A handy Approval Status column offers a skimmable view to gauge timesheets at a glance.

Email notifications and timesheet banners are triggered throughout many events across the entire approval process for clear communication and transparency of where things stand.

Blog post image Our streamlined flow will simplify the whole approval process, minimize mistakes, and give you back time in your day. Your team will delight in a one-click submission solution, and you'll feel in control having reduced the risk of errors and unwanted billing surprises downstream. After all, what couldn’t use an extra set of eyes?

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