Introducing the AI assistant, a new way to work smarter

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You’ve got a new team member! They’re a hard worker who doesn’t mind doing repetitive grunt work, a great sounding board for ideas, a brainstorm buddy, a lightning-fast writer of blogs and social posts, and a smart editor. And they’re an AI.

That's right, the AI assistant is here to help you do better, more creative work for your clients at the press of a button. Fewer redundancies, less manual labor, higher quality writing.

Work with AI directly within

Now you can leverage's built-in AI assistant (generated via Chat GPT) to create new content—or review and revise existing text in various text editors across the app. Wherever you see a text box in, you’ll find the AI assistant. Just look for the little blue chip.

Blog post image The AI assistant has two functions. Draft with AI helps you get over the thing writers fear most: the blank page. Use it to help you knock out drafts of blogs, social media posts, or press releases. It can also outline content for you, brainstorm ideas, and answer questions. Basically it's your handy right-hand-man when it comes to all things content-related.

Use AI Tools to help you improve, simplify, or proofread writing you’ve already drafted—it can even summarize content, giving you real-time assistance as you work.

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What can you do with the AI assistant?

Initially, we rolled out the AI assistant to a small percentage of users for early access testing. Here are just some of the ways they used the feature:

  • Brainstorm multiple blog post ideas for a campaign

  • Generate content for a template or task description

  • Outline a whitepaper

  • Summarize minutes from a client meeting

  • Dejargonize copy and make sure all audiences can read it with the simplify tool

  • Write social copy in support of a client win

  • Simplify complex briefs

  • Perform comprehensive spelling and grammar checks

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The possibilities are literally endless.

Now that you know how the AI assistant works, log in and check it out for yourself! It's included in all plans (more details on each pricing plans’ lifetime AI responses here) and wherever you see a text editor. Just look for the little blue chip above any text box in Happy writing!

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