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Event marketing plan template

Use our event marketing plan template to promote your next event and reach a wider audience - ensuring every event you run is a success

Use our event marketing plan
Event marketing plan template

Promote your next event with our event marketing plan template

With all of the work that goes into planning an amazing event, you need to do it justice.

That’s where an event marketing plan comes in. Having a great event marketing plan helps you to bring your event to a wider audience and ensure it gets the attention (and attendees) it deserves.

With more comprehensive planning, your event marketing can generate the kind of excitement that will make your event stand out from the rest and inspire more people to attend.

Elevate your event with an event marketing plan

Elevate your event with an event marketing plan

A well thought out event marketing plan can make the difference between a good event and a great one. That’s because all of the hard work that went into planning your event can only really pay off if you get your target audience to attend.

Our event marketing plan template helps you to reach the right people, build a buzz, and let your event shine — all while minimizing admin work and saving you time.

  • Be more prepared

    Make sure that you’re promoting your event at the right time, on the right channels. Never miss a deadline or forget a detail again.

  • Get more attendees

    Use your event marketing to more effectively reach your target audience so your event can have a greater impact.

  • Build excitement

    Keep your attendees engaged and excited in the lead-up to your event to help both your business and your attendees get the most out of it.

  • Replicate your successes

    Already put together an amazing event promotion plan for your last plan? Turn it into a template so you can quickly spin up winning projects for next time.

Use our event marketing plan

Help your event to stand out with an event marketing plan template

Make your next event work harder for you by using your event promotion plan to reach a more targeted, engaged audience.

Use our event marketing plan

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