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Advertising campaign plan templates that help you hit your goals

Stay on track, deliver great advertising campaigns, and bring your product and brand to a wider audience with our advertising campaign plan templates.

When you’re preparing to launch a new advertising campaign, there are a lot of moving parts to keep track of: from design requests and copywriting, to getting budget approval and tracking your campaign’s success.

Using an advertising campaign plan template helps you to manage every piece of work involved in launching your campaign, so nothing slips through the cracks.

Follow each task as it goes from “to do” to “doing” to “done”, collaborate cross-functionally and with external agencies, and keep everything in one place so you can quickly see where everything stands.

Why use an advertising campaign plan template?

Ready to make your life easier? Using an advertising plan template, you can ensure you’re on top of every task that needs to be done in order to launch a successful ad campaign on time.

No matter how big or small a task is, you can use our premade campaign template or create your own to quickly spin up detailed projects with less stress.

  • Manage your timeline

    Work backwards from your due dates and quickly see what’s still left to be done and what needs urgent attention.

  • Track your campaign’s progress

    Use Board View in Teamwork.com to see which stage of the process each task is currently at, so you can get immediate visual updates of where work stands.

  • Collaborate across teams

    Whether you need to bring copywriters and designers into your project or you’re pairing with an advertising agency, Teamwork.com lets you work together beautifully, all in one central place.

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