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SEO planning template

Put your SEO strategy into action with our template. You can use this template to plan, track, collaborate, and report on all aspects of an SEO project including keyword research, topic clusters, link building, and more.

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SEO planning template

The ultimate SEO planning template for marketing agencies

Running successful SEO projects come with a lot of challenges. It can be difficult to stay on track, follow KPIs, manage client expectations, and internal resources.

Let's not even get into the complexities of the changing nature of search algorithms and competitor behaviour!

Use pre-built checklists to plan keyword research, leverage a table view to track the status of activities like link building, and get a high-level view of progress with milestones.

This template will enable you to effectively execute your SEO marketing plan from initiation right through to delivery.

4 Reasons you should use our SEO planning template

4 Reasons you should use our SEO planning template

With our SEO Planning template you can streamline the process of optimizing websites for search engines and instead focus on delivering results for your clients.

  • Get up and running fast

    This template is simple to set-up with little to no training required to get up and running. It is easy to share with team mates and invite clients.

  • Streamline SEO processes

    Use our pre-built task lists to manage your SEO project effectively. Tick off tasks related to keyword research, planning topic clusters, on-page SEO optimizations or link building on one unified, easy-to-use template.

  • Better visibility into progress

    Use a kanban board, list or table view to easily check the status of tasks in this template. Stakeholders can see at a glance what work needs to be done and ensure team members are working at the right capacity.

  • Measure the success of your SEO strategy

    Easily track milestones of your SEO project to understand the impact of your efforts and to identify any potential bottlenecks before they become an issue. Milestones can include completing task lists related to content production, technical SEO updates, and link building.

Try our SEO planning template

Streamline your SEO planning for success

Start using our SEO task management template to supercharge your SEO strategy planning today.

Try our SEO planning template

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