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Content plan template

Execute your content strategy and elevate your content planning with our template.

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Content plan template

Take your content planning to the next level

Blog posts, ebooks, videos, podcasts — whatever type of content you’re creating, having a defined process is essential for successful content planning.

Use our template to map your content plan from beginning to end: from the initial brief, to editing and review, client or stakeholder feedback, and final sign-off.

Using a content plan template helps you to ensure that every piece of content flows through the right stages in the right order. It allows you to execute on your content plan, get stakeholder feedback at the right times, and ensure everyone on the team can see how each piece of content is progressing at a glance.

Already have a process that works seamlessly for your team? Create your own template so you can save time on manual setup and focus on your creativity.

Try our content plan template
How to use our content planning templates

How to use our content planning templates

Creating templates for all of your content planning needs saves you time on manual and repetitive setup, allowing you and your team to focus on ideas, not admin.

With templates in Teamwork, you can easily map out your content process and ensure that every piece of content your team produces stays on brand and on track. There are lots of ways you can use our templates for content planning. Here are just a few examples:

  • Content marketing plan

  • Website content plan

  • Social media content plan

  • Blog content plan

  • Video content plan

Try our content plan template

Better content planning with our templates

See how using our content plan templates can make your content planning process so much easier and more efficient.

Try our content plan template

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