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Blog posts, ebooks, videos, podcasts — whatever type of content you’re creating, having a defined process is essential for successful content planning.

Using a content plan template helps you to ensure that every piece of content flows through the right stages in the right order. It allows you to execute on your content plan, get stakeholder feedback at the right times, and ensure everyone on the team can see how each piece of content is progressing at a glance.

Use our content planning template to map your content plan from beginning to end: from the initial brief, to editing and review, client or stakeholder feedback, and final sign-off.

What is a content planning template, and why is it essential for content strategy?

A content planning template is a framework for organizing, managing, and executing your content creation efforts. By tracking key elements such as topics, publishing schedules, target audiences, keywords, promotional channels and more, you'll ensure that every piece of content is delivered on time, on brief, and to a standard your clients will love.

A content planning template will also help keep you on the right track to hit your goals. With strategic insights like overarching business goals and learnings from previous campaigns, you can be safe in the knowledge that your work is directly contributing to the overall objectives of your team and the business as a whole.

What are the benefits of using a content planning template?

Using a content planning template will completely transform the way you plan and execute your content strategy. From improving efficiency and consistency of delivery, to enhancing the creativity and quality of your content, there are so many reasons why you should consider using one.

Here are just three of the key benefits that you can expect:

  • Efficiency and scalability: It streamlines the content planning process by enabling team members to follow a standarized format. It's also highly scalable, allowing you to flex and adapt the template for different campaigns, topics, and channels.

  • Enhanced collaboration: It provide a shared place where everyone can communicate, track progress, and provide feedback on deliverables.

  • Documentation: It creates a historical record of past content planning and execution, which helps to inform future work and staff onboarding.

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How to use our content planning templates

Creating templates for all of your content planning needs saves you time on manual and repetitive setup, allowing you and your team to focus on ideas, not admin.

With Teamwork.com's content planning templates, you can easily map out your content process and ensure that every piece of content your team produces stays on brand and on track.

There are lots of ways you can use our templates for content planning. Here are just a few examples:

Track and organize your content ideas in one place

  • Use our template to store, organize, and track the status of all content ideas and deliverables so nothing slips through the cracks.

  • Create, edit, and assign the individual pieces of work you need to deliver, and further breakdown your work into smaller chunks for even more granular detail.

  • From blogs posts, to ebooks, and social content, group everything into specific categories with tags, so you can quickly find the information you need, when you need it.

Choose the view that suits you

  • You'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting the view that best suits the needs of your team. From List Views and Gantt charts, to Kanban Boards and Tables, you can easily toggle between different views to optimize your workflow.

  • Build, view, and manage your projects quickly and easily. Everything is customizable so you can quickly adapt the template for different content plans, including web, social media, blog, video and more.

Deliver content on time and under budget

  • Set project due dates, priority levels, and milestones to keep team members on track.

  • Log time against tasks to see how and where your time is being spent for better transparency and future planning.

  • Set and track project budgets and expenses to track project progress against the scope of work.

Content plan template - FAQs

How do content plan templates streamline the content creation process?

Content plan templates streamline the content creation process by providing structure, promoting consistency, optimizing workflow, facilitating collaboration, and aligning content with strategic goals. They serve as valuable tools for content creators to work more efficiently and produce high-quality, cohesive content.

What should a content plan template include?

A content planning template should include everything you need to structure, plan, and execute your content creation efforts. Common items include the strategy overview, objectives, content types, tone and style guidelines, promotion plans, and KPIs. Our free template enables you to group content into specific categories, track progress, collaborate with team members, and much more.

How can a content plan template enhance content management and organization?

A content planning template can enhance content management and organization by providing a structured framework for planning content creation and distribution, enabling the effective allocation of resources, and providing flexibility to adapt to changes in content deliverables and business goals.

What challenges can be overcome by using a content planning template?

Using a content planning template can help address a number of common challenges, including unorganized workflows, poor resource allocation, limited collaboration, and challenges in maintaining content quality control and hitting deadlines.

Can the content plan template be customized?

Yes, our content planning template is fully customizable. You can choose between a range of different views, select the level of detail you need, and adapt the template to fit an unlimited number of projects and content requirements.

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