Social media calendar template

Use our template to organize your social media calendar

Say goodbye to annoying spreadsheets and use a social media calendar template that can handle the complexity of your content across every channel.

Social media managers know the challenges of adapting on the fly, so why not use a social media calendar template that works with you instead of against you?

Track the end-to-end progress of your tasks in your social media calendar as they move between stakeholders or important stages like your content or design team.

Attach or download important social media files to tasks to ensure everything for your specific post is readily available and in one central space, so hitting publish is a breeze.

What is a social media calendar template?

A social media calendar template is a planning tool that helps marketing teams organize and schedule their social media content over a specific time period.

Whether it's a specific campaign or your bread-and-butter daily activity, a social media calendar template is a great way of capturing all your tasks in one place, tracking progress, and monitoring results.

In times gone by, many teams would have relied on spreadsheets to create a template, but these days there are so many tools and platforms available that have built-in, fully-customizable templates. Teamwork.com's social media calendar template has all the bells and whistles - plus it's completely free! What's not to like?

Who needs a social media calendar template?

But who needs a social media calendar template, you ask? The answer is pretty much anyone who's engaged in social media marketing, in any business or organization.

Examples of people who will definitely benefit include:

Marketing teams

Marketing professionals responsible for managing social media accounts can use a template to coordinate efforts, plan campaigns, and align social media activities with broader marketing strategies.

Content creators and bloggers

Individuals who create and share content online, such as bloggers, vloggers, and influencers, can use the template to plan their content schedules, ensuring a consistent and cohesive online presence.

Event planners

Those organizing events can use the template to promote the event, share updates, and engage with attendees before, during, and after the event.

Freelancers and consultants

Independent professionals offering social media management services can use the template to plan and demonstrate their strategy to clients, providing effective communication and peace of mind.

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A central hub for all your social content

Plan, track, and modify all your social media content in one place with our free social media calendar template.

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Important elements of a social media calendar template

Unsure of what to look out for in a social media calendar template? Below are some of the key elements that a good one should always include:

  • Date and Time: The calendar outlines specific dates and times for posting content on different social media platforms. This helps in scheduling posts at optimal times for maximum reach and engagement.

  • Platform: Specifies which social media platform(s) the content will be posted on, such as Facebook, Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), LinkedIn, etc.

  • Content Type: Describes the type of content to be shared, whether it's a blog post, image, video, infographic, or other formats.

  • Caption/Description: Provides space to write the accompanying text or caption for the post. This is where you can include relevant hashtags, mentions, and any additional information.

  • Links: Includes links to any external content, such as blog articles, landing pages, or product pages.

  • Target Audience: Defines the target audience for each post, helping to tailor the content to specific demographics or interests.

  • Status: Indicates the status of the content, whether it's in the planning, drafting, approval, or published stage.

Why our social media calendar template works better

  • Centralize your content hub: Ensure all of your content including images, videos, and copy live in a single, centralized hub. Increase efficiency by tracking the progress of tasks so you’re ready to edit and publish every tweet, story, or post.

  • Add even more details: Add granular details to your social media calendar by creating subtasks. Organize and manage both tasks and subtasks across your calendar and never miss any important details when you share or assign tasks.

  • Strengthen collaboration: Easily invite other members from your internal marketing, customer support, or product teams to get involved in the process. Ensure all stakeholders – even your clients – have access to any or all project details.

  • Stay on time and under budget: Use Teamwork.com's advanced time-tracking features to see how and where your time is being spent on tasks, so every project is delivered efficiently and profitably.

  • Choose the view that suits you: Who said a template has to be the same for everyone? From List Views and Gantt charts, to Kanban Boards and Tables, you can toggle seamlessly between different views to optimize your workflow.

Social media calendar template - FAQs

How can a social media calendar template streamline content planning?

Whether you're a small business, a content creator, or part of a larger marketing team, a social media calendar template can be a valuable tool for streamlining content planning and execution. It provides structure, organization, and a visual representation of your social media strategy, contributing to a more effective and cohesive online presence.

How can a social media calendar template help in maintaining a consistent posting schedule?

A social media calendar template helps you organize, plan, and schedule your content effectively. This proactive approach contributes to a consistent posting schedule, which is crucial for building and maintaining an engaged audience on social media platforms.

What are the best practices for collaborating with a team using a social media calendar template?

Collaborating with a team using a social media calendar template involves implementing best practices such as choosing a centralized platform like Teamwork.com, defining roles, setting clear guidelines, establishing workflows, using visual cues like color-coding, holding regular meetings, sharing insights and analytics, including approval processes, maintaining version control, integrating with social media tools, and providing training and documentation.

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