Public relations planning template

Boost your PR with a public relations plan template

Whether you’re trying to promote a specific new PR campaign or just generally boost awareness of your brand, you need a strategy to make it happen. With public relations campaigns, you want to be sure that you have concrete results to show for all of your hard work.

Using a PR planning template in Teamwork, you can turn your overall PR strategy into tangible milestones and goals, then break them out further into actionable tasks that help you hit those targets.

And because you’re using a tried and tested template, you can be sure that you’re following best practices, getting approval from the right people, and keeping every opportunity moving forwards.

Why use a PR planning template?

Turn your public relations strategy into goals — and then turn those goals into results. By using a template to plan out your next PR campaign, you can ensure that you’re staying aligned with your organization’s big picture goals and driving the kind of PR that helps your company to grow. That’s because all of the hard work that went into planning your event can only really pay off if you get your target audience to attend. Here’s how:

  • Put your strategy into action.

    From initial planning and brainstorming to execution, a template can help you to choose your key goals and turn them into actionable tasks.

  • Stay on track.

    With PR, timing is everything. Map out your strategy in terms of key dates and milestones so you never miss a deadline, and reach the right people at the right time.

  • Get approval from the right people.

    Whether you need budget signoff or a copywriter’s keen eye, a template ensures you follow the right processes, helping the whole team to follow best practices.

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