An important part of is the ability to interact via email but sometimes the volume of email can be overwhelming, especially if you’ve been included in a message thread or series of comments by a colleague. Comments are quite different to Messages in that a comment is a single response on an item.
Since there can be quite a lot of people included in a response quite often conversation threads can break out from the original comment to something that is no longer important to you, yet you are still receiving all the email notifications into your inbox.
This month we are pleased to say you can now unsubscribe from comment and message threads. You will now see at the bottom of each email notification a new and very important line of text; Unsubscribe: Stop receiving comments on this task or file etc.
Unsubscribe from Comment & Message Threads | Teamwork Projects
To stop the emails flowing for this thread simply click the link. This will then open up a confirmation page within your browser letting you know you have removed yourself from the thread.
Unsubscribe from Comment & Message Threads | Teamwork Projects
The good news is that if you had clicked this link by mistake or if you wish to subscribe to the emails again, there is a link here to quickly enable the email notifications again.