Do you have a great reputation for customer service? Make it even better with the new Pubble and Teamwork Desk integration for real-time customer support that streamlines queries and gives customers information quickly! Smarter, real-time customer support is now at your fingertips. At, we’re able to offer superior support to our customers using Pubble and Teamwork Desk. We love this integration because it lets us auto-reply within Pubble to easy questions while quickly forwarding more complex queries to Teamwork Desk. The features in this integration allow us to respond faster, collaborate on questions, and track all responses in Teamwork Desk as they come in through Pubble’s live chat on our website.   Research shows that customers are demanding instant customer service replies as they’re browsing. With this new integration, you and your customers get the best of both worlds! Pubble live chat provides real-time messaging support, and all queries from any source (email, chat, etc.) are managed seamlessly within Teamwork Desk.

With this new integration your team members can take questions from Pubble Messenger, Community QA, and Live QA and turn them into tickets in Teamwork Desk. The ticket is created directly from Pubble containing a full transcript of the conversation, and new messages will be automatically added. Any replies from Teamwork Desk are pushed back to the conversation in Pubble. Whether you reply in Pubble or Teamwork Desk, the conversation keeps flowing between both platforms in real time. Not only do replies on questions and tickets sync, but so do conversation notes and replies on support file attachments! Another important feature of this integration is the sync between both Pubble and Teamwork Desk agents and customers. Once you configure the integration during the setup, all current and future agents and customer contacts will sync bi-directionally between Teamwork Desk and Pubble. This keeps all contact information consistent and up to date across both platforms!


To get set up, an admin user must generate an API key on Teamwork Desk, and copy it. See our Pubble Chat integration for Teamwork Desk article from our help docs site for more information. In Pubble, open up the Admin Centre by clicking the admin icon on the bottom left corner. In the Community tab, click integrations, and then add the Teamwork Desk integration. Paste the API key into the relevant box and add your site name. After you click Next, you can choose a default agent to be notified of the ticket and the default mailbox where the ticket will reside (this can be changed at any time). Click Confirm and your integration is now set up. When you receive a message on Pubble, open the message, and click Push to Teamwork Desk. Choose which agent should have the ticket, and it will be all set up for them on Teamwork Desk! All responses from Teamwork Desk and Pubble will update live on the ticket, and the recipient will receive the correspondence in real time.   Pubble built this integration using the Teamwork Desk API, so if you would like to speak to a member of their team, you can reach out to them here. Our support team is also on hand to help at If you have an integration request or are interested in building an integration with Teamwork Desk, please drop us an email on We are always looking to grow our list of integration partners!