And so another month whizzes by and we’re nearly into the Christmas funny season! We have been busy little bees this month and now it’s time to pop up for some air and let you guys know what we’ve accomplished this month…

  • We finally added Estimated Time to tasks. Feedback comes in waves and this was a top requested feature. We were spending so much time answering feedback on this item that we bit the bullet and implemented it. We took all good suggestions into account, mapped out how best to implement it and added a few suggestions of our own.

  • We overhauled the Project Charter. The old version used Flash, looked ugly and couldn’t be filtered or printed. It bugged us that we couldn’t display the chart on iPad.

  • We added some required features to Notebooks. The major additions include Moving Notebooks to another project, a new Grid View of notebooks and some updates to improve the PDF downloading.

Small Ticket Items

  • Dropbox: Added the ability to turn Dropbox off on a per project level

  • Calendar: Project Events: Added ability to mark an event as editable by people on a project

  • Tasks/Milestones: Added in the ability for an Administrator to change the date an item appears to be completed on

  • Tasks: Added in a new drop down option so Administrators can change who create the task (Handy if you want to notify a client when the task is completed)

  • Notebooks: Finally added in a way for people to tab through table cells in the Notebook editor

  • E-mail: Creating tasks/messages by email got a new priority setting. You can add “!” for low, “!!” for medium and “!!!” for high priority

  • Email: We are testing a new method of email parsing which allows you to create a friendly forwarding email to the tasks/messages Teamwork Projects email address. Create an email address which forwards to the Teamwork Projects e-mail address)

  • Freshbooks: We now pull back and cache all your contacts when you’re exporting to Freshbooks. Before this there was a limit of 100 contacts. Now there is no limit!

  • Milestones: Viewing a milestone now gives you the option to download a PDF document of the milestone containing the milestone details, comments, tasks etc

  • Tasks: Find out who created a task by hovering your mouse over the task name. Small but important update!

  • All Milestones Page: Gutted this and re-wrote it to bring it up to date with other parts of the app

  • API: We now have added full support for Resources

  • API: We now have added full support for Notebooks

  • Tech: Added new headers to force ISP Proxy Servers to always grab a new page

Want more, check out our public roadmap.